Photo by Simon James

Photo by Simon James


Hello, my name is Jenny Theolin. I’m a creative director, curator and producer specialising in the visual arts, music and culture.

After 14 years in London and a lifetime abroad, I have recently moved to Stockholm – alongside my sidekick Miss Mustard Explosion The Cat (AKA Senap for short). I currently head up Soapbox & Sons, an agency specialising in brand and experience, with curation thrown in to the mix – and we are planning many fun things ahead.

I speak at various schools, events and conferences and am an active writer. I have debated topics on BBC Radio and been filmed for BBC News, written opinions for Design Week and Creative Bloq – and covered creative events for Digital Arts Magazine. I’m also published in David Airey’s book Work For Money, Design For Love and soon to be in Steven Brower’s Becoming a Successful Art Director.

When I am not working with my clients, I also teach and collaborate with international schools and universities. I am currently Industry Leader at Hyper Island, and I am also a lecturer at Berghs School of Communication here in Stockholm. 

The first 21 years of my life I flew on a diplomatic passport, and I have had the privilege to live in seven different countries. Since starting out my life as a toddler in Tokyo, graduating with an IB in Istanbul and commencing my creative career in London, my life includes many stories and thrills. I am also one-eighth Sami with a Lappish heritage.

What I do

I look beyond the brief and marketing disciplines at what business challenges my clients are really facing.

Some of these disciplines, such as branding, events, PR, advertising, marketing and digital mirror those offered by traditional senior creatives. Yet I am also happy to take a leap into the unknown. Sometimes I’ve taken on projects to earn a living. Other times, I’ve done them just for the hell of challenging convention.

I offer creative consultation, strategy, creative direction, design, art direction, curation and project management.