Travelling in Black & White
Nov 30

Travelling in Black & White

  • The Framers Gallery

Christophe’s Solo Show featuring his intimate and very personal photographs documenting his life and worldwide travels.

These photographs have been taken in London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Aeolian Islands and other places around the world. Although these areas differ in many respects – not least geographically – the photographs align themselves through a common feature, which can be attributed to their style and aesthetic expression. 

The pictures contain a keynote characterised by the searching melancholic’s experience of life, which means that the strong sense of being present in place and time simultaneously involves a vein of loss.

Nov 17


  • The Proud Archivist

A stunning and truly creative collaboration between Soapbox & Sons, Creative Advice Network, 10 artists – and award winning photographer Jonathan Knowles.

The introduction of the word ‘selfie’ into the Oxford English Dictionary marked a huge change for the world of portrait photography, brought about by the flood of self-portraiture across social media channels.

But is this how we really see ourselves? Does this truly reveal a part of ourselves to the viewer?

Looking to explore the current notions of the self portrait, #Bagsie sought out the talents and personal interpretations of 10 artists, asking each to draw/paint/create a self portrait on a paper bag that reflected their personality within.

Hosted by The Proud Archivist
Supported by G . F Smith

Dave Brown Photography
Nov 25

Dave Brown Photography

Dave Brown’s photographic debut at Berns in Stockholm opening October 23 2014.

Dave Brown is a London based creative with 20 years experience in the industry. He is predominantly a designer/art director and has worked with top agencies in London and Sydney along with experience working in Europe, Africa, the Middle & Far East.

In 2007 Dave set up his own creative agency, APE. Dave’s expertise is wide ranging working for large corporate brands through to small independent artists. He is passionate about brand development, advertising, animation & typography.

Dave is also a very keen and successful photographer working with many of his design clients and has also exhibited in galleries in London and throughout the UK.

Dave is proud of his charity work. He was recently appointed an ambassador of the child’s rights organisation AfriKids and was also recently awarded an Honorary M.A by Buckinghamshire University for his work in the creative industries.

Dave also directs and performs as a comic actor, musician and choreographer most famously in The Mighty Boosh, where amongst other characters he plays Bollo who happens to be an APE.

This exhibition showcases an eclectic mix of shots from Dave’s solo projects, his design clients and his charity fund raising work.

Hosted by Berns, Stockholm
Sponsored by PÅ Media