Client ∼ Unilever
Agency ∼ Rider Eventmarketing
Creative Direction ∼ Richard Otto
Art Direction & Design ∼ Jenny Theolin

The Brief

Develop an experiential campaign to sell JIF products.

The Solution


'Jif Akuten' (The Jif Emergency) Campaign

Produced alongside Stockholm agency Rider, this experiential campaign for Unilever travelled up and down Sweden cleaning its streets, one city at a time.

The campaign started on the radio and over social media as a competition to find the dirtiest places in Sweden. 10 locations were picked, and the Emergency Vehicle was sent to clean up!

We did 10 cities over 10 weeks including both street events with actors and cleaning-up crews.

Project included:
• Naming and Positioning
• Radio RIX Radio Competition
• In-store competition
• Roadshow ‘Sweden Clean-up’ – 10 cities over 10 weeks
• Online and Facebook integration
• Guerilla Events