I worked with Jenny at Clinic back in 2007 and have since followed her career closely. Always buzzing with creativity and with a genuinely friendly, sparkly personality I knew she would be perfect as guest lecturer for my Creative Commercial Photography students. And she did not disappoint! She did her talk via Skype, but it was like she was there in the room. Throughout her talk she kept a dialogue with the students, made them relax and always kept them interested. The talk was on “creative commercial photography and the role of the art/creative director” - and with her great sense of humour it was more like a show than just “another boring lecture”. Jenny had taken time to prepare visuals and inspiring bullet points too - and the students have since joked a lot about “stock photography” (which Jenny has a thing or two to say about). Several students have since mentioned her talk as hugely inspiring, through the Q&A they got answers to a lot of their worries about “the future”. Couldn’t recommend Jenny enough, in other words. Oh, and she even helped them come up with some creative ideas of their own. Book her - NOW!l
— Silja Haddal Mork | Media Design Lecturer Høgskulen i Volda | Volda University College, Norway
The reason for enlisting Jenny to work on the book launch of The Last Stand with me was simple… to reach the people I never could and get them interested and invested in the project and launch.

She promised a lot… and delivered more.

Did it pay off? Yes, and two months later it still is. Not only that but Jenny was also great fun to work with and when you’re working on a project that’s has taken you 4 years and is very close to your heart, as I was, that means a great deal. But it was above and beyond all of that where Jenny shone… all the extra work, the extra time taken, the extra care. I guess the obvious question to me would be ‘would I work with Jenny again on future projects?’ Well I shoud think the answer is quite obvious by now but of course…why wouldn’t I?
— Marc Wilson | Photographer | Client
I have had the pleasure of seeing Jenny talk at BLAB and then after talking to her after engaging in one of her projects #BAGSIE, Jenny is incredible to work with and creates an enthusiasm within her presence which is hard not to catch. Because of her drive and passion within the creative field and her understanding of project management and how to make, break and twist the rules of creativity I later asked her to talk to the Digital Media Management Masters students and Hyper Island UK. As always she was inspiring and full of advice from how to work with the press and finding the good in the bad situations. The students really understood and were lifted by her words and to quote Masters Student Dania Ryezel “I love that she’s very animated and excited to talk about what she does because it’s apparent that she is passionate about her work. It reminded me why I love doing what I do and that it is possible to do something and make something out of it. Maybe not as much as you could have in a big companies but the reward is indescribable. I think she’s a good reminder to many HI students. Like there are so any ways to achieve great things in life by doing what you do.” Jenny adds dynamism to any situation and thats what makes a great person to talk/work with.
— Tash Willcocks | Programme Manager MA Digital Media Management at Hyper Island
If you want something to happen how you think it should happen, don’t talk to Jenny! If you want something to take off, be embraced by the entire design community, cause your phone to crash from Twitter overload, then Jenny’s your lady! She is the person who does what she says she’s going to do before she’s even been asked to do it!

With Comic Sans for Cancer, she helped take an idea and turn it in to a global success. Her bubbly can-do attitude and her ability to get other people to join in with passion, ensured the campaign was a huge success.

Overnight she doubled the amount of submissions, ensured we had a beautifully crafted book to sell, orchestrated an effective Twitter campaign - all while co-ordinating her move back to Sweden! Her relentless hard work and dedication to the project was inspiring.

I’m sure I will be working with Jenny again in the future, although hopefully we’ll choose a better font next time!
— Chris Flack | Co-curator, Comis Sans for Cancer
Jenny is like KY Jelly for your creative projects. She get’s everywhere, is great fun to work with and is full of penetrating ideas - but this often belies the fact that she serves a very practical purpose. Jenny reduces friction, even in the tightest of spots and is there to help you finish... your creative projects.
— Sammi Vaughan | Creative Solutions Manager, Hearst Magazines
Jenny is an exceptional Creative Director in every respect. She is an incredible person to work with, full of bubbling enthusiasm, passion for what she does and so full of incredible buzzing ideas I wonder how she ever gets a chance to sleep. With Jenny at the helm of a project, not only can you expect incredible results, but you can expect the un-expected. She takes any brief, any problem, any idea and makes it into something beautiful, something engaging and most of all something fun. She is the Queen of Creative Collaboration and will always seek out wonderful brains to work with on her projects. I have loved working with her and hope to again super soon!
— Emma Taylor | Director, Creative Advice Network
Working with Jenny on a number of wonderful ideas for The Truscott Arms has been a pleasure. Eating Sound (an event she devised whereby food and music were used in perfect synergy for unbelievable sensory experience) really showcased our venue and offering. Jenny was integral in every aspect of the planning and execution of the event itself. We look forward to working with Jenny on many more ideas in the future..
— ANDREW FISHWICK | Owner The Truscott Arms
We are delighted with the work Soapbox & Sons have done, they interpreted the brief perfectly and have created just what we were looking for – a sharp, fresh new look which reflects the new Speed positioning brilliantly. Jenny totally understood how important this was to us and invested a lot of time and energy ensuring she understood our agency inside out. It’s an exciting time for the agency and it has been great to have Jenny on that journey with us.
— Kate Bosomworth | Managing Director, Speed Communications
Jenny is one of those inspiring creative people who seems to ooze creativity. It’s not her ‘job’. It’s who she is. When I needed a team of people to work on a huge pitch, Jenny was my first call. And I’m pleased I made it. Not only did she understand the brief and deliver great ideas, but she lifted the whole department while she was here too. She has a very positive approach and works hard to make good ideas happen, with a belief that they always can. It’s probably why she makes so many wonderful creative projects come to life and definitely why I’ll be picking up the phone again.
— Martin Homent | Creative Director, Tribe Marketing
Jenny Theolin: Energy and enthusiasm personified. Jenny asked us to get involved with LOLCAT – TEH EXHIBISHUN in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and we were delighted to provide The Framers Gallery at Artefact Framers Gallery to host this event. From the minute Jenny arrived we were swept up in a whirlwind of bubbling energy and enthusiasm second to none. Ideas abound, creativity flows, and stuff gets done. Jenny is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. What a Gal!
— RAY BRILL & IRENA MOLENDYS The Framers Gallery | Arttefact Picture Framers
Jenny Theolin is about as smart and resourceful as creatives come in this buzz-driven age. She knows exactly how to draw meaningful attention to her clients’ projects. And she does so with precision, panache, and plenty of good cheer. If you have an event or creative project that needs attention, focus your attention on getting Jenny on your team.
— TED PEARLMAN | Founder, Meddle and Us is Two
It was a huge pleasure to be involved in the LOLCAT project and to work with Jenny. Full of enthusiasm, creativity and passion she took an internet phenomenon and turned it into an incredible and very unique exhibishun! Her professional and energetic nature combined with her tremendous capabilities, not only attracted a wealth of talented artists, but also secured substantial PR and helped the project raise significant funds for which Battersea Dogs and Cats Home are hugely grateful.”
— ALISON LAST | Event Manager, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Jenny is simply amazing. She is both a powerhouse and a polymath, working across marketing, advertising, events, and branding with equal skill and professionalism. From the outset of every project I’ve worked on with her, it’s clear that her passion for the subject is her principal motivation – and I can think of no greater asset and compliment; she is a pleasure to work with. As a curator, Jenny has a nose for a story, an eye for detail and an inner reservoir of intuition to draw upon for direction. Watch out for her debut exhibition – it should be something special…
— HECTOR PROUD | Cultural Programmer, Producer & PR; Gallerist; Founding Partner at Cult.Brand
How much energy and chutzpah can one woman have? Jenny has proved herself to have the right blend of charm, patience and an ability to cajole to take one of the basest forms of human entertainment (cats and captions) and get 40-odd professional creative types to attempt to raise it real art. Along the way she’s secured international coverage (The front page of the Huffington Post, Wired, The Independent, Design Taxi, Laughing Squid, Creative Review…) the likes of which most PR agencies can only ever dream of. This is someone who if she says she’ll do something, you can rest assured she’ll overcome fire, flood and fickle support to deliver it. Top marks.
— NEIL AYRES | Digital publishing editor and producer
I worked with Jenny on the LOLCAT exhibition, in that I was one of the contributors. She’s one of those people you feel lucky to have met. How does Jenny do everything she does, and do it all so well, with such verve and tenacity – and smiling all the way? My theory is that she has some sort of time machine that allows her to create more hours in the day than the rest of us have to make so with. That, or she really is as disgustingly gifted and over-endowed with creative energy as she appears to be. The bottom line: if you get a chance to work with Jenny, you’d be a fool not to. Simple.
— MIKE REED | Owner, Reed Words Ltd. Copywriter, Creative Director
Jenny is one of the best all-round creatives I’ve worked with, and certainly the most fun. We have worked together across a number of projects, ranging from completely rebranding my company through to curating art exhibitions and she has consistently brought a refreshing and insightful perspective as well as the technical knowledge, work ethic and network of contacts to deliver beyond simple ‘ideas’. I’ve no doubt we will work together again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to collaborate with her.
— ED BARTLETT | Curator and founder of The Future Tense
Jenny is one of the most creative, contemporary designers and ideas people that I know. I’ve worked with her on many projects – from corporate identity to sales promotion to digital and she has delighted me and our clients time and time again. Its a real pleasure to present her work and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— UWERN JONG | Managing Director at Boutique Marketing Director/Founder of Out There Magazine
Jenny has a vibrant energy and great vision, a creative person who also has a responsible and practical approach which helps her in engaging people and ultimately deliver great projects.
— Natalia NagyRe-order | Head of Communications and Programming at Hungarian Cultural Centre London
I worked with Jen for almost a year and throughout this period her level of creativity, and her vision for how her work would and could implicate on all types of brands, was exemplary.
Her ability to drive an idea from conception all the way through to the finished article is excellent, and her passion for the industry, design in particular, is something that I admire tremendously. Her focus, determination and desire to push her ideas and work as far as she could never once faltered, and her ability to manage a magnitude of creative tasks simultaneously, without affecting the high-quality of work you can expect from Jen, is quite remarkable.
— Marty Lawrence | Copywriter, Mowhawk
Jenny has great ideas - and heaps of them. For clients, for exhibitions, for events and for design. Perhaps most of all, she has an infectious enthusiasm for anything interesting, creative and likely to get people talking. And then there are her stories and anecdotes. Madcap, funny and often a little scandalous!
— Ken Muir | Founding Partner, Mowhawk
I’ve worked with Jen on many different integrated, branding & web projects. She’s one of those people that makes your job ten times easier with her vision and direction. Creativity is her thing and I’m proud to say we’ve produced many a pretty picture together. She comes highly recommended.
— Gareth Leeding | Creative Lead, We Are Social
I hired Jenny because she was a skilled and passionate designer who cared about delivering the best for her clients. Her energy infused the whole of the creative department and brought out the best in the whole agency. I’d be delighted to work with her again and recommend anyone to snap her up before the competition does.
— Andy Maxwell | Creative Director