Client ∼ Self-initiated
Agency ∼ Soapbox & Sons
Creative Direction & Curation ∼ Jenny Theolin

the brief

From Stockholm, I did the PR and marketing materials for Christophe Dolhem’s debut London Show, which featured his intimate and very personal photographs documenting his life and worldwide travels.

the solution

Travelling in Black & White Photography Exhibition

These photographs were taken in London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Aeolian Islands and other places around the world. Although these areas differ in many respects – not least geographically – the photographs align themselves through a common feature, which can be attributed to their style and aesthetic expression.

The pictures contain a keynote characterised by the searching melancholic’s experience of life, which means that the strong sense of being present in place and time simultaneously involves a vein of loss.

This exhibition included 14 large and 5 medium-sized photographs – and was exhibited at The Framers Gallery Nov 24 – 29, 2014

PV photographs by: Chris Bergin


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Travelling in Black & White: Christophe Dolhem

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Galleries Magazine, 2014

ArtLyst, 2014

The List, 2014
Travelling in Black & White: Christophe Dolhem