my name is Jenny Theolin.


Current Projects | SUMMER-AUTUMN 2017

Designing and managing the MA Digital Management Programme for the third year running at Hyper Island.

Launching Green Light, a list of companies who treat their junior workforce fairly, crowd-sourced from the interns, graduates and juniors who have worked there.

Designing and delivering a Graphic Design sub-course for the Producer & Production Manager Programme at Berghs School of Communication.


Interview: Jenny Theolin — Marketing Stories 005
Video: MA Digital Management at Hyper Island
Interview, Eye on Design: Design + Drinking—Part of Agency Culture, or Party Over?
Interview in Design Week: Designers’ biggest mistakes
Interview, The Drum, OpinionAre you a creative director or creative dictator
Feature (in print): June Issue of CAP & Design Magazine

RECENT judging (2017)

Head of Jury, Digital Design, Visuelt (National Graphic Design and Illustration Awards, Oslo, Norway)
Judge, Kycklingstipendiet 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

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studio theolin | OWNER

I head up Studio Theolin Consulting AB, where we specialise in brand, communication and exhibition design. Recent projects include designing an outdoor photography exhibition for WaterAid & H&M Foundation, and a content strategy YouTube-based campaign for Berghs School of Communication's 75th Anniversary.



Creating and showcasing events and experiences promoting new human interaction and serendipitous moments. Exhibit applaud the daredevils and norm-breakers. And through curation and idea synthesis, we facilitate new connections and global innovation through opening up a new kind of space for collaboration.

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design sweden | VICE CHAIRMAN

Design Sweden is an organisation set up with the sole purpose to support, nurture and enable designers living and working in Sweden and those operating abroad. Founded in 1957, we act as one voice – driving and engaging in the discussions surrounding design on an industry level and, wider, in the public sphere.

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I run the Hyper Island MA Digital Management part-time programme in Stockholm (previously ran the same programme in London). And as Industry Leader, Coach & Assessor, I work predominantly with the Digital Media Creative programme designing a course called The Studio.

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I designed the Communication Design 4 course in 2016, and the 2-month Communication Design 2 course 2017. I'm also a process designer and facilitator, having process led workshops for the Berghs Boost Project and facilitated the Berghs Advisory Board.


Talks, judging and public speaking

Judge – Guldägget Kycklingstipendiet, Stockholm 2017
Head Judge – Visuelt Graphic Design & Illustration Awards Norway, 2017
Judge – Stockholm Startup Weekend, 2016
Judge – Visuelt Graphic Design & Illustration Awards Norway, 2016
Judge – Marketing Design Awards, London, UK, 2014
Judge – Print Poetry Competition, 2014
Host / Moderator – Glug Stockholm, 2014
Host / Moderator – Glug London, London, UK, 2013
Guest Speaker – She Says STHLM Launch, 2015
Guest Speaker – Blab 17 (VIDEO), Manchester, 2014
Guest Speaker  – Small Talk Birmingham, 2014
Guest Speaker – BRITE: LONDON (VIDEO) London, 2014
Keynote – Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, UK, 2014
Keynote – DBA Inclusive Design Challenge, RCA, London, 2010



Trend Workshop – Episerver Days, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017
Trend Workshop – Episerver Days, Malmö, Sweden, 2017
Trend Workshop – Episerver Days, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017
Exhibition Design & Management Project– Berghs, Stockholm 2017
Service Design, UX & Information Design Course – Berghs, Stockholm 2017
Innovation Project – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2017
Business Transformation – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2017
The Studio – Hyper Island, Digital Media Creative, Stockholm 2016
Personal Branding – Hyper Island, Motion, Stockholm 2016
Personal Branding – Nackademin, Social Media Marketing 2016
Personal Branding – Hyper Island, Digital Strategy, Stockholm 2015
Personal Branding – Hyper Island, Motion & Mobile, Stockholm 2015
Berghs Boost Camp – Berghs, Stockholm 2016
Berghs Advisory Board – Berghs, Stockholm 2016
Design Thinking – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2015 & 2016
Digital Tech – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2015 & 2016
Business Transformation – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2015
Startup Weekend LDN – Hyper Island, MA Digital Management 2015
Presentation Coaching – Hyper Island, DMC 2016
Reaction Design – Berghs, Communication Design 4, 2015 & 2016
Commercial Photography – Volda University College, Norway, 2015
Creative Startups – Hyper Island, Manchester 2014
Creative Direction – Shillington College, London 2014
Branding – Shillington College, London 2014
Concept Development – Shillington College, London 2014
Brief Process – Shillington College, London 2014
Design Principles – Shillington College, London 2014
Introduction to Photoshop – Shillington College, London 2014
Introduction to Illustration – Shillington College, London 2014
Introduction to InDesign – Shillington College, London 2014
Wireframing & Storyboarding – Shillington College, London 2014
Photo Retouching – Shillington College, London 2014
Packaging – Shillington College, London 2014
Printing Process – Shillington College, London 2014
Colour Theory – Shillington College, London 2014
Colour Correction – Shillington College, London 2014
Artworking – Shillington College, London 2014



I wrote the introductory chapter to Startup Guide Stockholm, contributed to the guidebook CITIx60 Stockholm, as well as David Airey’s book Work For Money, Design For Love – and was interviewed in Steven Brower’s Inside Art Direction published by Fairchild Books in 2016.


published articles & in the press

I've been filmed for BBC News, written 30+ opinions for Design Week and many articles for Creative Bloq  I've also reported for Digital Arts Magazine; articles like Can design be truly authentic? My projects have also featured all over the internet. From Wired to Mashable, my work has been featured in both trade, national and international press.


“From the minute Jenny arrived we were swept up in a whirlwind of bubbling energy and enthusiasm second to none. Ideas abound, creativity flows, and stuff gets done.” 

– Irena Molendys, The Framers Gallery